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Engagement Model:


You know the general direction and have a vision you would like to explore. We help you move it from concept to reality.


You want to realize a specific direction or technology. Drawing on the expertise we’ve already invested in, we work with your R&D to further develop platforms/ prototypes for your needs.


You’re missing a key piece of the puzzle and lack the resources to do it in-house. Elba Technologies provides access to specialized expertise, IP, and know-how to meet your goals.

Service Offerings For:


Going beyond typical entrepreneur-in-residence and spin-out models, Elba Technologies provides access to specialized expertise, infrastructure, and networks not typically available to startups.


Elba Technologies partners with enterprises, ventures, universities, and consortia to address the full spectrum of government project outcomes, from exploring concepts to delivering full-featured prototypes into the field.

Large Business

Elba Technologies supports large businesses by providing capabilities in Automation, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Machine Learning and Industry4.0.