Elba Technologies Vitae

Elba Technologies is a startup established in 2017. Founded to create something new in RPA, Process Mining, and Software Development.

Our Mission is to automate processes for our customers in an efficient and cost-effective manner using Process Intelligence, RPA tools, and Artificial Intelligence.

Who we are

A team of innovators in Architecture, Design and Software Implementations. We pursue innovation in automation, big data, analytics, health and wellness, prototyping services, digital design and manufacturing, and more.

What we do

We invent, develop, and partner with businesses and government organizations to bring to market groundbreaking technologies that accelerate time to market and build a lasting competitive advantage.

A great place to work

Work to transform ideas and expertise into real-world product and services. Be an “entrepreneurial scientist” with that passion for innovation, a pioneering spirit, and the business savvy of an entrepreneur.

Environment for innovation

We’re located in the heart of south-east Germany — near global enterprises, startups, VCs, universities, and industrial design firms. And there are no cubicles….!